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Here is a nice idea deco with this head animal straw .

Trophy entirely handmade.


Wicker animal head 

The wicker animal head. Ideal for decorating a child’s bedroom or your ethnic and bohemian chic décor. Size trophy animals straw  : Height about 26 inch or 65 cm (with horns) Width about 8 inch or 21 cm (with horns) It is first of all for a great  bohemian decor , the big trend today put a little  Morocco  chic in your home with this head animal straw . There are really beautiful thing in  Morocco  and of course to  MarrackechI completely fell for the first famous straw basket, but then for this beautiful animal head wall which is the manufacturing base. I really love this little bohemian touches that can easily make to a room in your home. The great  decor trend  this year is that  bohemian  or  berbere  chic agrees with all interiors, a note  oriental  in a modern decor that I love. A true object of decoration this head animal handmade wall will fit into your home decor to give it that touch bohemian chic. General Information

Material and maintenance.

This head is braided straw animals in natural palm leaves, first if you want to clean, it is possible to pass a wet sponge, let it dry in the sun or on a heater and use a soft brush.

The manufacture your wicker animal head.

The Morocco capital braiding of wicker is at the foot of the Atlas a few kilometers from Marrakech that we can discover the traditional know-how of Moroccan craftsmanship. First the head is braided palm leaves, they will shape the to give them a form of bull cow, sheep. This step is complete, it’s time drying, the soft sun of Marrakech. Finally each piece is unique because made entirely by hand. All other heads are also available on this link .

Information about the delivery of your head animal straw

We deliver your products anywhere in France but also worldwide. Chabalala lets you choose from different delivery methods to best meet your expectations. You provide a tracking number for each order to track your package. Handmade Made in Marrakech Product available in France Fast delivery

Additional information

Weight600 g

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