Blanket with pom poms


Blanket with pom poms

Beautiful Moroccan blanket gray and pink.

Entirely handmade.


Blanket with pom poms

The Blanket with pom poms.

Description of your moroccan blanket:

Plaid rectangular gray with pink stripes.

To choose :

Size approximately

2- 59×79 inch or 150×200 cm

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Made in true Moroccan tradition, you will love this  Moroccan blanket  for these colors and unique style. This  Berber coverage  can go as well on a bed or sofa.

How is made Moroccan your blanket with pom poms

His real name is handira this is how we called this Moroccan rug. The bohemian cover is beautiful and fits perfectly in a trendy decor but it is primarily a traditional Berber clothing that is worn over the shoulders a bit like a sleeveless coat.

According to tradition, the bride would wear the blanket with pom poms as a cape, the day of his wedding, as part of her dowry. The traditional Berber coverage was mainly used during marriage on the shoulders but later was used as a bedspread. A cultural heritage that deserves to be promoted. Plaid tassel is woven entirely hand-woven by Berber women.

Once cotton wool washed and stained, it is braided into a big ball.

This stage finished requires all the knowledge of these women to weave the famous plaid. Today fashion and decoration trend is done completely change the purpose of this coverage, we use it as a decorative object.

It can be in any room of the house. In the living room you can put on a sofa or chair. But especially in a room as a bedspread. General Information

Here are our tips to maintain your blanket with pom poms

I advise you, for your coverage is beautiful, your plaid with tassels is machine washable, so as not to damage it we recommend washing with a soft program cold and not put in dryer.

Information about the delivery of your Moroccan coverage.

We deliver your products anywhere in France but also worldwide. Chabalala lets you choose from different delivery methods to best meet your expectations.

You provide a tracking number for each order to track your package.


Made in Marrakech

Product available in

France fast delivery

Additional information

Weight1800 g

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