Pom pom basket

Pom pom basket

Pom pom basket, the classic, it is round, oval or beach it needs its tassel.

These baskets are handcrafted with natural palm leaf. First braided shape then to give them a final shape. Time is a quality it takes to make a basket. Still braiding straw how and drying it takes several weeks.

Always have a basket pom pom in her wardrobe

Because it is a must, but especially timeless, you need your basket to reach tomorrow still in his dressing room. For it is always easy for you to match your beach bag with your best clothes, we suggest you add, when you purchase one or more additional pom poms of different colors pink, green, blue, white, black and many more!

Pom pom beach bag the summer star

We have seen in all the magazines, from Paris to Milan is on all catwalks. It will still rage do this summer at the beach. We made the choice to offer you the largest selection of baskets either color pompom, material for customization, you will have original and unique Made in Marrakech basket.