The bag.




More than an essential, the handbag has become the main accessory of women’s look. A true confidant and companion, the handbag follows you through all your adventures.

The women’s bag is an essential accessory to assert your style. Shoulder handbag, backpack, shopping handbag… There is something for every taste and style.

The women’s bag, a fetish object for all fashion enthusiasts… May those who have not spent hours choosing the perfect model raise their hands!

It is often a real mission, the woman’s handbag alone must express your style, be practical and functional, become one with your outfit and be noticed a little. In short, it says a lot about you!

Customized handbag

Those of us who want to avoid the stress of choosing a handbag often choose black or camel. Why not, since they do not go out of fashion. Even if it means choosing a model with gold or silver details for a touch of fantasy and femininity. But it would be such a shame to ignore the original colours that perfectly enhance your outfit… and your complexion! If your wardrobe is mainly in neutral colours, a colourful handbag will look great on you.

As for fashionistas who throw themselves on the most eccentric and trendiest it-bags, they also sometimes like to swap their ultra-fashionable bags for a simpler and more classic model in order to highlight another piece of their outfit. Between the carrier handbag, the bucket bag, the clutch bag, the minaudière, the handbag, the doctor bag, the schoolhandbag or the backpack that is coming back in force this year. There is a choice!


Depending on your preferences, the schoolbag can be worn as a shoulder bag or with handles to adapt to all situations! Fashion designers will prefer to change bags according to their activities:handbag during the day, shopping bags, evening bags…

The aesthetic and serious school bag makes it possible to store all your essentials for a working day, from your lipstick to your sunglasses. Each in its own small pocket. It can be worn as a shoulder strap or by hand, and can even be worn with evening wear for an offbeat look.

Personalized handbag

The handbag is also making a comeback and seems to adapt to all styles. This time too, choose the model that suits you best, depending on the color. But above all on the details: from the closure to the flap and the ornaments, there is no way you can spend hours looking for your mobile phone or car keys! Finally for the evening, opt for a pouch. Much more than a classic women’s handbag, the pouch is a real jewel, which must be both discreet and glamorous. There are also more attractive models. For those, be careful to match them to your outfit. As you can see, a handbag is not just a detail. To help you in your choice, browse through the new items and imagine with which outfit and accessories you could wear it!